Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Paris, France

Hello blog,
we decided to take a family vacation week to Paris, France. We got lucky with the weather 23 c all week. Too bad I lost my iphone in the cab and the driver who refused to return it back and used it the same day to surf on internet ( I know this because I could track him on my hotmail activity logg! What a Croc). Anyway, we did still enjoy our family vacation and had a nice week in Paris. FYI travelling with a 15 months mean no shopping lol = save money! I guess people travel to Paris to shop, but for our family vacation is all about enjoying the moment and do what we manage. A week in Paris was a test for me and my husband if we can take a vacation in the big city. We manage to used the Metro and RER felt like we were local lol, some french people even ask us for direction! So Yes we manage the big city with a baby, but by the end of the week me and my husband decided to get to a beach for the next family vacation lol!

Here are some pix for our little trip : >)

Love Limme...

Saturday, 14 June 2014

And 3 months later

Hello all,
It was all about my longing last time I wrote! 3 freaking months later I am able to breath out and relax! We finally got ourselves a house here in Sweden. It took awhile and longer than we expected, but after we talk to other people who was looking for home for more than a year, we just happy we found a place within 3 moths. So official homeowner and will be getting the keys  July 1st.

What we been doing those three months? 
April was a month me and my husband celebrate our anniversary! We been married for 3 years and it just felt like yesterday until we take a look at our baby girl who's now 15 months!   

Managed to celebrate Swedish Mother's Day in May! Being a mom is still a learning process. I learn to be more patient and to breath out when situation call for it. Made some time to reconnect with friends and slowly get back to my social life.

June arrives and we decided to take a trip to Paris for a week! Renting an apt near the Champs elysees and just relax before we move into our pink house!

One of my good friend is visiting from the Bay Area, he is one of my first friend I met in San Francisco. A reminder how I do miss SF now and then! People who I used to share my life with so close but now so far away! Miss that life, but still love and enjoy my life here in Stockholm. 
If you guys read this miss you all! Lots of xoxo and love!

Tuesday, 4 March 2014


Wow march is here marching in and suddenly spring is right around the corner. Our baby girl is now a whole year and I am feeling more secure being a mom! We even talk about a second baby! Right now our family is looking for an apartment maybe  a 3 bedroom, just in case!

I haven't been to a hairdresser for a whole year! My hair have reached my waist and not easy to manage especially when I forget to brush my hair on my lazy day!!! Hopefully Next month I can get some hair styling going ;)

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Happy Birthday To You...

Happy Birthday to our love! Our baby girl is 1 year today!!! Mommy and daddy loves you! Puss Puss!

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

The step

our Munchskin is almost a year! Soon she will be walking around and running. :)

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

UppaBaby Vista

I try to take a walk everyday! I have not written about our baby stroller because I wanted to wait a year of using it! Now I am loving our uppa baby vista stroller! Best buy for new parents and the price was manageable. Plus it fits anywhere that is narrow and small! We got the traveling bag for the stroller, so every time we travel our trip are more pleasant! A big plus is our baby girl love it too  ;)

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

A pair

Hello blog,
being a mother have it ups and downs! The first 3 months was hectic, but after it got easier and once the routines are in place it helps the daily life. But once these pair of teeths show up it was time to say bye bye to night sleep again and this time for about three weeks! She is now 11 months and 2 days and have a pair of teeths! Still breast feeding and she bites other than that I'm able to get some sleep now.

Seem like our little girl here love camera everytime we take a picture she always smile and know time to pose! Time to play photographer and take more pictures.