Tuesday, 19 August 2014

The Balance

Feel like fall is right around the corner! I can feel the cold breeze!
These couple och months I been thinking about life before and after baby. How do all parent balance family life? Since, life is totally different pre- and post-baby. I am still in process of finding the solution and balance of being a mom, but still being Limme. Motherhood is part of me, but what about my alter ego. The person pre-pregnancy? I guess we all change under our lifetime and we all have to find a balance for it to work! Feel like I am in a fog and still trying to find that balance! Not an easy task! Everyday I am thankful and grateful for my family and the life we live. What I have learn is to try to live in the moment and appreciate the small moment even when you have a bad day. For now any day is a good day, even when I am super tired and sleepy because I have a person who depends on little Limme.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Long break

Hello blog,
hey June last time, but now July passed by and August arrived! Why such a long break?! It's because of moving month for our little family, which mean busy July month. After a month we are still trying to get the house ready, but we are a long way from done. First of all for now we are just trying to be able to live in the house before making any decision of future renovating. Still looking for a car and getting the budget together. This is a boring subject, but it's a must, since we are homeowner now! 

The little one has started to walk, she did that the first week we moved in. So the first thing we did was to babyproof the house. The feeling of owning a home is priceless. We have recahed one of our goal in life, so the next step is to make it beautiful and our home.

XoXo Limme

 Ps. our little girl love playing outside :)

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Paris, France

Hello blog,
we decided to take a family vacation week to Paris, France. We got lucky with the weather 23 c all week. Too bad I lost my iphone in the cab and the driver who refused to return it back and used it the same day to surf on internet ( I know this because I could track him on my hotmail activity logg! What a Croc). Anyway, we did still enjoy our family vacation and had a nice week in Paris. FYI travelling with a 15 months mean no shopping lol = save money! I guess people travel to Paris to shop, but for our family vacation is all about enjoying the moment and do what we manage. A week in Paris was a test for me and my husband if we can take a vacation in the big city. We manage to used the Metro and RER felt like we were local lol, some french people even ask us for direction! So Yes we manage the big city with a baby, but by the end of the week me and my husband decided to get to a beach for the next family vacation lol!

Here are some pix for our little trip : >)

Love Limme...